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Kids place is an Android app store for kids where all apps are without advertisements, in-apps and spyware. And all apps are available under one store subscription, which is as low as $1.99/month. Download all, use all. 

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Store features
  1. Content
    Kids Place Store contains only paid app versions and games with full features enabled. New games are added regularly.
  2. Values
    Only handpicked, tested, safe content. No accidental spending of money. No in-app-payments, no advertisements or spyware.
  3. Subscription model
    For a fixed price per month (the price of 2-3 paid apps) users get unlimited access to hundreds of quality apps in their paid version. Now with a 7 day free trial period.
Success Stories:
  • Kids Place Store has been adopted by formidable tablet manufactures!

  • ​We are pre-installed on ClickN KIDS tablets sold on  Amazon and  Wallmart

  • We are also voted best Android app for Kids by AndroidPit.

Kids Place on ClickN KIDS tablets

Kids Place Store is available on these stores:


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Install Kids Place Store 
How to Install Kids Place Store via direct APK download:

Step1: Download App

Download Kids Place Store App to your Android Phone or Tablet using the Download button.
Step 2: Allow Installation
Navigate to your phone’s Settings. Select Security or Applications (depending on device) and check the Unknown Sources box.
Step 3: Install and Login
Tap the Kids Place Store App from Notifications or Downloads, tap Install when prompted. Create an account to start using the app.


Kids Place APK is 100% safe and secure. Our APK was scanned using Avast and AVG antivirus as was confirmed that it does not containy viruses or spyware.​

Watch "How to install video"

How does it look?
Store values
Kids Place Store is an android App Store that addresses the following concerns:

  • Free apps can confront children with advertisements that show inappropriate themes, such as gambling, violent games, and dating

  • Many apps have In-App-Purchases which are not only inconvenient, but put the user at risk of accidental and extreme spending of money

  • Paid (premium) apps are appropriate, but can get quite costly as children generally consume much more apps than adults

  • Most content distribution platforms, such as Google Play or Amazon appstore, feature both appropriate and inappropriate content. Unsupervised usage of these platforms by children can be harmful

  • Children who choose their own apps will usually only play games, while the parents would want them to use apps that stimulate their mind and creativity. Kids Place Store apps are categorized in three main categories - Games, Education and Creativity
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Kids place is a complete software suite that transforms any Android based smart device into a safe place for kids to enjoy games, education, and creativity. It enables parents to give their children access to online content without having to worry about the nature of this content and accidental spending of money, and allows them to control the way their children use the smart device.

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